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Latest News / Top Tech Tip September - Mental Health

Mental Health

Ever felt like this person?

What is it though that can cause people to feel these emotions?

When it comes to emotions men are not the best at showing or talking about how they feel so it is important to look at a few good ways to deal with this.

First of all, you need to find out what is causing your stress and put measures into place to minimise it.

Have you or your employer put unreasonable time frames on jobs or have you said yes to too many projects?

Talk to your employer or employee about setting tasks that are achievable at work and not far off and impossible to reach.

Stress can be caused from many factors that may also include work place bullying, dangerous working conditions, redundancies and many more things.

Work place stress is a big issue and an employer must treat this seriously the first steps are communicating with your employee in confidence.

Then if it is serious advise the employee to see a doctor so it can be determined if it is workplace stress some stress can be caused by other factors.

Ensure that you have social events and not make your work environment just that work.

Remember that Alcohol and getting drunk or having boozy parties is not what we mean by social events.

Alcohol can make stress or symptoms worse not better. 


Support your worker   


Don’t Judge your worker


What is depression and is it common?

Depression is a chemical change in the brain and may factors can cause this to happen they can include.

Medical history of having depression.

Continued exposure to stress and stressful situations.

Traumatic events in life.

Emotional up turns and lack of confidence.

Many more things.

Look for signs or if you know you are depressed let your employer know?

Someone with depression will be very withdrawn and may not want to talk or socialise with you.

People who have signs of depression may not sleep and loose appetite.

People can have sudden mood changes and feelings of anger.

Thoughts of death or suicide.

Difficulty thinking clearly or rationally.

What to do if you suspect your employee or friend is depressed?

Because you may be with them for most of the day you can be a good judge of character if their moods change.

Ask them are they alright and take time to talk to them.

Check on them at home if you have not seen them at work.

Don’t judge them or try to fix them just be a good mate or employer.

Support and encourage them to get help from a Doctor or councillor.

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety can go hand in hand with both stress and depression.

People who suffer from anxiety can have panic attacks or feelings of fear and worry.

People can have fears about their health and symptoms can include fast heart rate, muscle tension and lack of speech.

Don’t self-diagnose or treat mental illness yourself.

See your doctor or GP for a proper health check and as an employer encourage your employees to do this.

Once a correct diagnosis has been established it is very important to let your employer know and to have support.

You are not crazy remember, mental illness, although you can’t see it is just like having the flue or any other health issue.


Keep taking the medication prescribed and going to counselling 

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