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New Zealand Plumbers, Drainlayers & Gasfitters Association Inc

New Zealand Plumbers, Drainlayers & Gasfitters
Association Inc

Latest News / President's Report - June 2019

A warm welcome to all our members and to those who read our News Flush.

It is getting dark outside and it is starting to feel like winter again a very important time for tradespeople to go the extra mile for customers.

How many gasfitters out there inform your customers about the dangers of just lighting up their gas fire or heater that has sat idle for the last six months? It is so very important to pre winterise and check on these appliances so that they don’t produce carbon monoxide or even worse catch fire.

It is also so important for plumbers to pre winterise customers houses including those down south that may be subject to freezing or other adverse conditions and check spouting and roofs.

Drainlayers also needs to check their customers stormwater systems to ensure that they can cope in the event of torrential rain or flooding.

Remember that wintertime can be a great time to promote all of these services above and to ensure that your customers are aware of the consequences of not doing them.

Our Association is now growing in size and we are now organizing a Trade Expo on Thursday 26th September 6pm onwards at The Remuera Club. If you are interested in having a stand please email Katrina

Our association is also working closely with MBI on developing some of the standards and are heavily involved in training of our future tradespeople.

For all those who have registered to go on my backflow course run at Aqualine this Friday I look forward to meeting you.

It was nice to touch base with ATT again at NZMA and to talk to them about how they have grown in size it is amazing to think that our association originally started their journey.

I hope all of you have registered for CPD training again as it is coming around fast so don’t miss out as it is not much fun doing the online version by yourself. 

We will be running some satellite meetings again at strategic locations like the Abbey to encourage members and non-members to come and network with our associate members and executive.

If you are need of an apprentice please don’t hesitate to call the NZMA team and discuss options available to you as an employer.

Once again, I urge all of you to join our Association if you are not a member because your views and say are important to our Association and Industry.

I am truly proud to be your president and to be part of an Association that truly represents the industry.

That’s it from me,

Happy reading!

Glen Burr