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New Zealand Plumbers, Drainlayers & Gasfitters Association Inc

New Zealand Plumbers, Drainlayers & Gasfitters
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Latest News / PRESIDENT'S REPORT March 2020

A warm welcome to all our members and to all who read our News Flush.

What an incredible set of circumstances we all have been faced with and, for most, a very tough time, both financially and emotionally. I want to say to all of you to hang in there. I hope you have made use of the help available from the government when it comes to your business and employees.

If you are working over this period you are amazing for putting yourself out there. Remember your workers safety must come first. PPE equipment is in short supply at the moment. We’ve made contact with many companies and what we’ve found so far is they need enough orders to make a bulk shipment and even then, there is a wait. We are still working on where we can possibly source PPE gear more quickly. If anybody can recommend a company please let Katrina know. CLICK HERE

We have had an incredible amount of phone calls around what is deemed “essential services” and we are lucky to be one of those services. However, there is still some confusion for some plumbers over what is deemed to be “essential services.” In a nutshell this work is “emergency work only” for clients and not "general works.”
To understand what is, and what is not, considered an "essential service" and who do you call to check CLICK HERE 

Limit the contact time you have on your jobs with customers and remember to always look after yourself first. Working with gloves and masks etc can be challenging at the best of times. Always remember to use good hygiene practices and dispose of PPE equipment appropriately.   

Electronic technology is now paving the way for our communications including meetings through Zoom, Teams and Skype. Thank goodness we have the internet.

On a positive note I don’t think I have walked the dog so many times before a new world record is emerging. I have also been working hard on some online training and upskilling courses for both our members and the industry. These are almost ready to roll out. It is good time to look at any upskilling that may help you or your employees when we get back into full swing again.

We understand that due to the lock down our members may be finding it hard to pay their membership fees so please let Katrina know and we can work out a payment plan for you. CLICK HERE

A reminder to all our members that Employee Membership is Free! Make sure your employees are up to date with industry news and events. Please send a list of names and email addresses of your employees. CLICK HERE

I would also like to take this time to wish both you and your families a very safe and happy Easter. For "Guidance for essential businesses on Easter trading during Alert Level 4." CLICK HERE

Once again, I urge all of you to join our Association if you are not a member because your views and say are important to the Association and our industry.

I am truly proud to be your President and to be part of an Association that truly represents the industry.

That’s it from me, happy reading!

Glen Burr


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