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Latest News / Ransomware Alert!

In 2019 alone:
In an effort further enhance your company’s cyber defences, we want to highlight a common cyberattack that everyone should be aware of – ransomware.

Ransomware is increasingly being used by hackers to extort money from companies. Ransomware is a type of malicious software that takes over your computer and prevents you from accessing files until you pay a ransom.

If you are not covered by a managed services plan, here are some important tips and guidelines you can action:

1. Keep your operating system up to date. This starts with knowing how your system is updated: automatically or manually by you. We are performing this for you if you are part of our Managed Services!

Know how your applications are updated. Some applications will pop up notifications on your screen, others will notify you via email and still others will only tell you about updates when you use them. If you get a notice you don’t expect, contact the company and ask.

If you receive a suspicious email (phishing?), contact the company by going to their website or contact them via phone. Don’t click on any links or use the phone numbers in the email.

Use anti-virus and anti-malware software and keep it up to date. This should include a good adware filter and a pop-up blocker.

Try not to click on ads for products or companies you don’t know. Even better, if you see an appealing ad, go directly to the company’s website and see if the offer is there.

Only download and install browser add-ons, plugins, and extensions that come from known, reputable sources.

7. Take a snapshot of your entire system from time to time, perhaps once a month. This will include data and applications. Store these snapshots on an external drive, that is only connected to your computer to do the backup. Once done, disconnect the drive.

Have a backup of all the files on your computer to a server that is NOT on your network. Simple Network Consulting offers Simple Cloud Backup which serves this purpose.

Awareness is key. As a computer user, your job is to stay aware of what’s happening on your computer. You don’t have to be a computer security expert, but you should practice safe computing and clicking. Even the safest computer users can get infected with malware, but by staying alert and aware you can dramatically reduce your chances.

For more information, or help about any of the above-mentioned guidelines, please reach out to or call the help desk at 0800 123 490. This could help minimize the loss of information for you and your company!

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