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Latest News / Top Tech Tip - Supervision Guidelines

This covers the following:

• Supervision guidelines developed by the Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board.
• What supervision is and why it is important.
• Important terms.
• Who is responsible for supervision?
• Key aspects to proper supervision.
• Persons who must be supervised when carrying out restricted work:
» trainees
» exemptions under supervision
» provisional licence holders (eligible overseas people)
» licensed tradespersons (plumbers, gasfitters, drainlayers).
• Ensuring the appropriate level of direction and control for a job.
• Types of supervision:
» direct supervision
» general supervision
» broad supervision.
• Remote supervision.
• Template for determining level of supervision required.
• The number of people who can be supervised by one supervisor.
• Weekend work.
• Systems and processes the certifier should have in place.
• Audit of your supervision system checklist. read more

  • NZ Certified Builders
  • Franklin
  • Aqualine
  • Aquatica
  • Crombie Lockwood
  • Konnect
  • Licensed NZ
  • Rinnai
  • Terra Cat
  • BP Connect
  • Reflection Water Treatment
  • System Control Engineering
  • AIL
  • Galpro