New Zealand Plumbers, Drainlayers & Gasfitters Association was the first Plumbing Association to be incorporated in New Zealand. The year of incorporation was always thought to be 1894 but recent research into the archives has found that the Association may have been established some eight years prior. The following is an extract from the website

"New Zealand Plumbers' Association": This body was established in 1886. Mr. E. Lonergan is president; Mr. A. G. Blakey, vice-president; Mr. C. Peace, secretary; and Mr. B. Schenk, treasurer. There is also an emergency committe consisting of Messers D. Doul, C. A. P. Annett, and F. Hitchcock. The objectives of the society are to improve matters affecting the trade in general, to obtain first-class workmanship, and to discuss topics referring to any branches of the trade. The association also arranges matters between members and employees, and the members have agitated for the formation of a technical school. During the typhoid fever scare a few years ago, the association approached to City Council, with a view to establishing a sanitary system.

The objectives of the inaugural "New Zealand Plumbers' Association" was to improve the trade and protect the health of our nation are still as relevant today as they were all those years ago and are at the very heart of our Association.

"We are a united force of individuals and businesses within the trades"

Our objectives:

  • To protect the health of the community
  • To represent , support and network our members
  • To provide ongoing training, toolbox sessions and satellite meetings
  • To coach and mentor
  • To provide a liaison and relationship between our association, members and territorial authorities, standards, technical institutions and bodies
  • To develop the profile, image and standards of New Zealand plumbers, drainlayers & gasfitters

"If you believe your business is valuable, feel confident we can bring it additional accountability"

Reasons why we should belong to the New Zealand Plumbers, Drainlayers & Gasfitters Association:

  • To get connected with your industry
  • To belong to a team and a greater network of like minded people
  • To get tuned into issues affecting yourselves and your industry
  • To be part of a group who can lobby for positive outcomes
  • To be kept informed and upskilled
  • To share, give and receive knowledge and support
  • To have business resources and contacts available
  • To utilise our mentoring capabilities
  • To obtain BP fuel card discounts - This offer gives members: 8cpl off the BP National List Price (NLP) at Retail sites 14cpl off the NLP at Truckstops. As members your account will have no card or transaction fees.
  • To receive personalized business insurance packages
  • Access to proven business template (terms and conditions, invoicing etc)

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