It’s been a really busy time for our association getting all of the end of the year stuff organised and organising the new financial year moving forward. It has also been top priority to take a good look at our policies around membership and to look at key areas to ensure that we maintain our high standards. If you are a new member to our Association, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or contact any of our executive team.

Our AGM held on the 20th May at the OC House was a huge success and I thank all of you who attended especially Katrina who organised both the food and the venue. I also take this opportunity to congratulate our new Executive Board for 2021 and thank them for their contributions to our Association. 

Executive Board 2021
Glen Burr, Wet n Wild Plumbing Services Ltd - President
Grant Mason, Pipe Pro Ltd - Vice President 
Dan Baker, B & B Plumbing Ltd - Executive 
Brian Phillips, Norwest Gasfitting Ltd - Executive
Garry Cruikshank, Senior Specialist- Building/Proactive Compliance Unit/Licencing and Regulatory Compliance- Executive
Rob Cunningham, Allgo Plumbing & Drainage Ltd - Executive

A lot of our events would also not be possible without the support from our associate members, so I also thank you for your ongoing support.  We are working on putting together some key speakers and evenings for our members now that Covid-19 has settled down. If you are keen on hosting an event in the near future or wanting to hold a factory tour of your own please contact Katrina at to help with arrangements, advertising and marketing.

Training is of the up most importance for our association and it was great to have Garry Cruickshank present his findings on wet back installations before our AGM. A synopsis of the wetback research and a link will be available to you once it is published. 

I will be running backflow courses on a regular basis which will include refreshers for those who are already qualified. We will also be looking at hosting other training events for gasfitters and drainlayers.

That’s it from me and remember if you are not a member of our Association then you are missing out. You can join our Association today for a 3 month free trial, no payment required for first 3 months! Please find membership applications below and send them to

Glen Burr

NZPDGA President

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